Space Oddity!, Chris HadfieBd


The first time i had listened to David´s Bowie “Space Oddity” song i fell in love with it, but now that i know that there was an  astronaut that actually sang the song from out space, i love the song even more, enjoy it…


La primera vez que escuche la canción de David Bowie “Space Oddity”, me enamore de  ésta, pero ahora que se que existe una versión cantada por un astronauta desde el espacio, me agusta aún más la canción, disfrútenla…


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One thought on “Space Oddity!, Chris HadfieBd

  1. Gary Wellings alias Sunburst2014 says:

    Reblogged this on LIKing SCIeNCe and commented:
    Stretching the imagination for things to do in outer space,has no limits for Chris.
    Just think about what it might be like to walk in space,let alone be the first Canadian to boot.

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